We like to think that we’re good. But don’t take our word for it - check out what some of our international clients have said:

  • Professional, attentive, on-time, and cost-effective. The web site that evolutive designed speaks for itself - strikingly unique with a very high-end feel. I will admit that I was initially concerned that evolutive is far away in Macedonia but we communicated by e-mail and, due to the time difference, they worked while I was asleep. When we did need to speak, it took less than a few minutes to set up a Skype account and we spoke at no cost at all. Evolutive made the entire process simple! I would highly recommend them again and plan to utilize their service to launch other sites.

    - Burton Bentley II, Founder, Elite Medical Experts - http://www.elitemedicalexperts.com

  • We highly recommend evolutive after having worked on two projects together - our website and an in-house SMS system. We had good cooperation and coordination in all aspects that resulted in smooth and timely task completion!

    - Aleksandar Arsov, Product Manager, Promo DOO - http://www.promotel.com.mk

  • Like most startups, we faced constraints from all directions. We needed a strong and recognizable design that would look professional and stick in people's minds. Evolutive quickly got us several different treatments to chose from, then quickly and efficiently took the idea we chose and translated it into a site design we could use. We went from looking plain and dumpy and sharp and professional -- just what we needed, in the timeframe that we needed it in!

    - Steven Levin, Founder - http://www.lists2go.mobi

  • Professionalism, speed, quality, it is evolutive.mk. All words are superfluous, see my website and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

    - Maja Kirititkova - http://www.majakikiritkova.com

  • Having projects in the new media field, good design, efficient usage of space and intellegent layout of key information is of paramount importance in order to keep the readers return every day. Evolutive.mk has provided us with professional service and on time delivery, helping us achive all these goals.

    - Bojan Djuricik, Managing Partner, iDex - http://www.idex.mk

These are just a few of our clients. We’ve had clients from various industries, including clients from the metal fabrication industry, medical industry, tourism & accomodation, as well as clients that deal with sales & resales, entertainment, and so on.